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Dew Essence is a luxury facial & spa Boutique. With over 20 years of knowledge and experience, Tali’s expert hands gently rewind the years to heal and repair damaged skin. All products and essential oils are sourced from around the world, and have been personally tested by Tali to ensure high quality effectiveness. Dew Essence uses the latest in skincare technology to procure effective, long-lasting results for clients.

All treatments are customized based on individual needs and followed up with product recommendations for clients to continue the healing process at home. With regular treatments Tali will keep your skin looking radiant, youthful, and dewy!

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Collagen Therapy Facial -Collagen is an essential building block of life and forms the basis of the skin. By a very delicate process of freeze-drying the collagen, the mask is applied to form a second skin and drench the face with pure collagen. The double dose (mask + serum) creates a treatment that diminishes fine lines & wrinkles, smooths hard to treat expression lines, as well as reduces under eye puffiness.
Please allow yourself: 1.5 hours

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